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For more than 35 years, TINSCO additives can benefit additives have pushed boundaries in the printing chemicals
industry, with a range of cutting edge products designed to deliver optimal performance in the
field of corrosion protection and cleaning agent emulsification.

These days, TINSCO additives have many uses and applications across a wide range of markets.
Regardless of the application, our primary objective is always the development of additives which
will enhance the performance of our customers’ formulations. Our extensive experience ensures
that our products are designed for, and deliver in today’s ever changing and fast moving markets.

TINSCO addtives are designed and formulated for a wide range of applications, including but not
limited to:
• Printing Chemicals
• Industrial Cleaners (Aqueous and Solvent)
• Metal Working and Finishing
• Industrial Greases and Corrosion Protection Fluids

The correct product selection can deliver significant cost, time and efficiency savings. Please discuss
your requirements with us and our collaborative process will help identify the most suitable
additive for the application.

With readily biodegradable and sustainable chemistry formulations available, TINSCO additives
are designed to reduce environmental impact whenever possible.

Printing Chemicals

Metal Working and Finishing

Industrial Cleaners

Industrial Greases and
Corrosion Protection Fluids


TINSCO additives combine maximum product effectiveness with minimal formula disruption.
With typical ‘drop-in’ characteristics- without the need for additional solubilisers- they do not
adversely affect the primary performance of the target formulation.

Benefits of TINSCO additives include:
• Effective Corrosion Inhibition and Emulsification solutions
• Formulations suitable for Aqueous, Solvent and Water Miscible systems
• Multifunctional and easily incorporated
• Improved efficiency with neutral effect on rubbers, plastics and painted finishes
• Multifunctional corrosion inhibitor / surface tension reducing options available


Product Name Product Type System Solubility Applications
TINSCO ACI-RB Series Corrosion Inhibitor Aqueous
TINSCO ACI-H0401 Series Corrosion Inhibitor Aqueous
TINSCO MM-CI/AQ Series Corrosion Inhibitor Aqueous
TINSCO ACI-SS Series Corrosion Inhibitor Solvent
TINSCO MM-CI/SV Series Corrosion Inhibitor Solvent
TINSCO EWSci Series Emulsifier Solvent
TINSCO MEAD Series Emulsifier Solvent
TINSCO Anisurf Surfactant Aqueous
TINSCO ECO-Boost Solvency Booster Solvent and Water



If the products in our existing ranges do not meet your requirements, we can offer a bespoke
product development service that will ensure the product matches exactly what you are looking for.

Our Custom Products
service starts with gaining
a full understanding of
customer requirements.

Our lab will formulate a
product designed
specifically to meet
customer requirements.

Full product testing and
benchmarking as required
will be carried out to
ensure optimal product

New product development is always initiated with a full understanding of customer, industry and
regulatory requirements. As an ISO 9001 certified business, product specifications and
manufacturing processes are documented and executed to the highest possible standard,
ensuring that our products deliver the high quality and consistency expectations demanded by our

To learn more about how TINSCO™ additives can benefit
your business, please contact us

Built on years of experience in demanding industrial environments, the XCP products deliver
market leading performance in easy to understand product ranges. For use across a wide range of
applications, the XCP products are designed to meet and exceed the exacting standards of
corrosion prevention, maintenance and lubrication demanded in industrial, trade and domestic
markets around the world. Our diverse customer base includes leading suppliers to industrial
markets as well as trade suppliers and multinational retail groups.

Market leading
maintenance, lubrication
and rust protection sprays.
Originally developed for
industrial applications, now
available in trade and retail

Essential corrosion
protection for industry. XCP
Industrial Fluids offer market
leading levels of Expertise,
Performance and

Where the XCP products all
began. Global market
leaders in press conservation
and bearer ring lubrication.

Just some of the companies our products are trusted by:

Marott Graphic Services (UK) Ltd
Spott Road Industrial Estate,
Dunbar, East Lothian,
EH42 1RS